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(2023) No 11, Issue 2

Jacob A. ZUMOFF ǀ Fighting Liberalism With Liberalism: The Failure Of Anglophone Marxist Intellectuals In The Post-Soviet World ǀ  more
Adil YILDIZ ǀ Humanitarian Interventions: A Comparative Analysis Of Human Rights Organizations And Geopolitical Considerations ǀ  more
Neven CVETIĆANIN and  Milan BLAGOJEVIĆ | The Western Balkans in a New Geopolitical Reality – A Privileged Partnership Instead of Full Membership?  | more
Rui Kai XUE  | Vietnam’s Strategy Towards China in the South China Sea From the Perspective Of Asymmetric Game  | more


(2023) No 11, Issue 1

Halil DELIGÖZ ǀ Normative Statecraft: The EU Sanctions Policy On Russia’s Annexation Of Crimea ǀ  more
Rong Kang BO ǀ Geography, Region, Space: The Evolution And Reflection Of Geopolitical Theory ǀ  more
Mansoor ASHRAFWhat Is It To Be ‘National’?: Examining National (In)security, National Identity, Othering and Alternate Imaginations In India | more
Mufassir RASHID | Nishat TASNIM | Aishwarya Sanjukta Roy PROMA  | Bangladesh’s Evolving Balancing Strategy: From Two-Way To Three-Way?   | more
Ștefan MAROȘAN   | Online Political Campaign in Romania’s Elections (2016-2020). A Systematic Literature Review   | more



(2022) No 10, Issue 2

Mohamad ZREIK, Badar Alam IQBAL, Sharifah Zannierah Syed MARZUKI ǀ The Macroeconomic Determinants and Their Impact on Stock Returns ǀ  more
Kadir Aden DIRIR ǀ Evaluating indicators contributing to government effectiveness in 12 MENA regions between 2012 to 2022: employing a longitudinal data analysis ǀ  more
Radu ANDREICA ǀ The semantics of “multiculturalism” as a principle of public policy in the 1990s ǀ  more



(2022) No 10, Issue 1

Tom JOHANSMEYER ǀ Is soft power an effective strategy? Libya and North Korea offer a study in contrast ǀ  more
Mohamad ZREIK ǀ Chinese Soft Power: A Case Study of Panda Diplomacy ǀ  more
Abhirup BHATTACHARYAWar and Peace: Decoding the Complex Relationship Between India and Pakistan since 1947 | more
Paul POPA ǀ Applying International Law on Frozen Conflicts. Case Study: Nagorno-Karabakh  ǀ  more
Marcela SĂLĂGEAN ǀ The Romanian Revolution of 1989. Disinformation and Manipulation  ǀ  more

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(2021) No 9, Issue 2

Tom JOHANSMEYER ǀ How the Increased Destructive Power of Man-Made Threats and Attendant Consequences Could End the Continuum of the Growing Importance of Diplomacy  ǀ  more

Anh Tuan TRAN | Thu Ha NGUYEN | Thi Phi Yen NGUYEN ǀ Why Vietnam is being emphasized as the main subject of the acceleration of vaccine diplomacy from leader countries ǀ  more

Soumyadeep BIDYANTA  ǀ External Intervention and the Arab Spring: Implications for the region ǀ  more

Paul POPA ǀ Book Review  ǀ  more

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(2021) No 9, Issue 1

Ștefan MAROȘAN  ǀ  Work-life Balance During the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Case of Full Remote Employees in an IT Company  ǀ  more

Mihai ALEXANDRESCU ǀ  Organizing a Peace Conference. Negotiation Framework at the Paris Conference (1919)  ǀ  more 

Mohammed Abdullah SHIBLEE and Mufassir RASHID  ǀ  Geopolitics of the Arctic: Through the Lens of State Securitization  ǀ  more

 Yasemin TUTAR and Denis HYAMS-SSEKASI  ǀ  Examining the Role of Education in Public Diplomacy  ǀ  more

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(2020) No 8, Issue 2

Liang PAN  ǀ  Contextualizing Mediated Public Diplomacy: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Chinese and U.S. TV News Coverage of Trump’s State Visit to China ǀ  more

Maria-Valentina NISTE ǀ  The Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2010. Between entrepreneurial leadership and transitional leadership ǀ  more

Mufassir RASHID and Taufiq-E-FARUQUE  ǀ  Political Changes in Egyptian State Formation and Its Effect on the State-Civil Society Relations  ǀ  more

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(2020) No 8, Issue 1

Chandra Putcha, Chapman Rackaway, Paul Rutledge and Brian W. Sloboda  ǀ  An Analysis of the Results from the 2016 Presidential Election  ǀ  more

Regis Chima Anyaeze  ǀ  The Burden of International Obligation and Responsibility in Granting Amnesty to Boko Haram by the Nigerian State  ǀ  more

Jacob Benjamin  ǀ  Challenges to EU Integration in the Early Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic  ǀ  more

Ionela-Sorina Apetrei  ǀ  Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Practical Limits of the Dayton Peace Agreement  ǀ  more

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(2019) No 7, Issue 2

Itzhak Mashiah and Eli Avraham  ǀ  The Role of Technology and Innovation Messaging in the Public Diplomacy of Israel ǀ  more

Ayodele Haruna Mustapha  ǀ  Nigeria, the African Union and Regional Integration (1963 – 2019)  ǀ  more 

 Paul Popa  ǀ  The Commonwealth of Independent States. A Constructivist Approach to a Neorealist construct  ǀ more 

Mihai Alexandrescu  ǀ  European Union integration shaped by the Court of Justice  ǀ more

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(2019) No 7, Issue 1

Larisa Malea  ǀ  Romania’s National Culture in Hofstede’s dimensions through the Eurobarometer Standard 90 (2018)  ǀ  more

Raluca Fărcaș  ǀ  Turkey’s Leadership: a model for Arab states in transition between 2011-2013 ǀ  more

Emilia Adriana Ganea  ǀ  Euroscepticism. Contemporary trends and manifestations  ǀ  more

Paul Popa  ǀ  Book Review: Nicolas Badalassi and Sarah B. Snyder (edited by), The CSCE and the End of the Cold War. Diplomacy, Societies and Human Rights. 1972-1990. New York, Oxford: Berghahn, 2019   ǀ  more

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(2018) No 6, Issue 2

Mihai Alexandrescu  ǀ  Organisational Culture and Leadership of the European Union  ǀ  more

Paul Popa  ǀ  European Union’s Democratic deficit and post-Lisbon Treaty citizenship  ǀ  more

*Marina Trufan ǀ  Book Review of Sebastian Balfour, Alejandro Quiroga, The invention of Spain. Nation and Identity since Democracy, Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK, 2007, 239 pp.  ǀ  more

Doru Cristian Todorescu  ǀ  Book Review of Vasile Pușcaș. Philip E. Mosely despre Transilvania și Basarabia, Cluj-Napoca, Editura Școala Ardeleană, 2017, 303p.  ǀ  more



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(2018) No 6, Issue 1

Fiona Sussan and Cristina Marine ǀ  Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Transitions: Through the Lenses of Local and Global Politics ǀ  more

Cristina Marine ǀ  Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in EU Markets: The Case of Romania ǀ  more

Hideyuki Nakagawa, Hiroyuki Shibusawa and Fiona Sussan ǀ  Political Parties, Municipalities Regulations, and Startups: Abenomics in Japan ǀ  more

Fiona Sussan ǀ  Balancing Institutional and Agency Dominance in Enterepreneurial Ecosystems: A Conceptual Framework and A Case Study of Macao ǀ  more

Subhashis Nandy ǀ  On Understanding the Confluence of Recent Political Events with the Current State of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in India ǀ  more

Louis Daily and Fiona Sussan ǀ  Global Political Context in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Building: The Case of Morocco ǀ  more


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(2017) No 5, Issue 2

Jihan Farhoud ǀ The Druze in the United States ǀ  more

Paul Popa ǀ  Understanding EU-Belarus Relations ǀ  more

Doru Cristian Todorescu ǀ  Return to “Europe” ǀ  more

Florin-Aron Pădurean ǀ  Book Review of The meanings of nudity in Medieval Art. Edited by Sherry C. M. Lindquist (Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2012), 356 pp.+ill  ǀ  more


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(2017) No 5, Issue 1

Victoria Nizan ǀ Smelling the Ghetto. Smells in the Warsaw Ghetto According to Ruben Ben Shem’s (Feldschu) Diary ǀ more

Mihai Alexandrescu ǀ Disintegration by integration: the Roman pattern ǀ more

Gheorghe Cazacu ǀ Moldova and the European Union (2009-2017). A Short Overview ǀ more

Marina Trufan ǀ Book Review of Sebastian Balfour, Alejandro Quiroga, The invention of Spain. Nation and Identity since Democracy, Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK, 2007, 239 pp  ǀ more

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(2016) No 4, Issue 2

Adrian-Cosmin Iușan ǀ  Migration of foreign students in Romania. The case of Cluj-Napoca ǀ more

Victoria Nizan ǀ Politics and History in Emanuel Ringelblum’s War Diaries. Emanuel Ringelblum between the Two World Wars ǀ more

Jihan Farhoud ǀ The Druze in Israel: A Question of Identity ǀ more

Doru Cristian Todorescu ǀ Romanian foreign policy options in the first years after the fall of communism ǀ more


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(2016) No 4, Issue 1

Vittorio Tavagnutti ǀ Microfinance: an important tool to reach European Cohesion policy’s objectives ǀ more

Marius Mureșan ǀ Refugee crisis reflected in Romanian online media in the second half of 2015: three perspectives ǀ more

Anton Gabriel Moldovan ǀ Transition, Europenization and Identity in the Ukraine Case ǀ more

Marcela Sălăgean ǀ Book Review of ”Sandu Frunză, Fundamentalismul religios și noul conflict al ideologiilor, [Religious Fundamentalism and the New Conflict of Ideologies]” ǀ more

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(2015) No 3, Issue 2

Thowhidul Islam ǀ Turkey’s Foreign Policy of the AKP Government to Syria and the Reasons behind its Shifting Policy during the Arab Spring ǀ more

Pallukács Hajnal ǀ Hungary and the Migrant Crisis ǀ more

Gabriel Uifălean ǀ European NGO’s and the Refugee Crisis. Case studies of Serbia and Hungary ǀ more


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(2015) No 3, Issue 1

Mihai Alexandrescu ǀ Jean Monnet – From the Marshall Plan to the British refusal ǀ more

Pallukács Hajnal ǀ Feminism in International Relations. Case study: Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher ǀ more

Elena Ceban ǀ Democratic awakening in Macedonia: Expecting the unexpected ǀ more

Ștefana Teodora Popa ǀ Norway’s Public and Cultural Diplomacy ǀ more

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(2014) No 2, Issue 2

Marcela Sălăgean  ǀ  Romania’s status in the new European geopolitics imposed by the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact  ǀ  more

Pallukács Hajnal  ǀ  Frequency For the People And Frequency By the People Radio Free Europe and Radio Kossuth during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956  ǀ  more

Adina Șerban  ǀ  EU Council – the arena of intergovernmental debates  ǀ  more

Paul Popa  ǀ  Legal aspects of sovereignty in peacebuilding, peacekeeping and peacemaking on Syria’s conflict resolution  ǀ  more


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(2014) No 2, Issue 1


Tuğba Aydin  ǀ  Turkey’s New Direction for Free Movement of Persons: Challenges in Turkey  ǀ  more

Mihai Alexandrescu  ǀ  Democratic Deficit – the Community Model vs. the Open Method of Cooperation  ǀ  more

Valentin Ciprian Filip  ǀ  Social innovations of NGOs and Foundations on development economics – using the market force for greater impact  ǀ  more

Doru Cristian Todorescu  ǀ  Theoretical approaches on international projects/programs  ǀ  more

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(2013) No 1, Issue 1


Mihai Alexandrescu  ǀ  Context, strategies and negotiation methods in the European Union Enlargement to Central and Eastern Europe  ǀ more

Florentina Sipetean  ǀ  Social Policy Legitimacy and Active Citizenship. The Social Model of the European Union: national and supranational aspects  ǀ more

Ioana Ștefănuț  ǀ  The European Security Strategy and the global role of the European Union in the 21st century   ǀ  more

Doru Cristian Todorescu    ǀ  Project management of international and European programs in the context of globalization   ǀ  more

Călin-Ștefan Georgia   ǀ  Rules and Hofstede’s UAI, a study on the Arabic Muslim and European Christian cultures   ǀ  more

Andrei Cojoc   ǀ  The message of American pro-Soviet movies during World War II – The North Star, Song of Russia, Mission to Moscow   ǀ  more

Vladimir Răuță   ǀ  Book Review of Andrew Mumford, Proxy Warfare, Polity, 2013, 217 x 150 mm, 8.54 x 5.89 in Pages 180 pages, ISBN: 9780745651187, £14.99   ǀ  more

Ana Gnatiuc   ǀ  Book Review of Masha Gessen, The man without a face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin, Riverhead Books, US, ISBN 1594488428, 1 March 2012, 314 pp. , $27.95   ǀ  more

Ioana Onișor   ǀ  Book Review of Nilsen Sarah, Projecting America, 1958. Film and cultural diplomacy at the Brussels World’s Fair, Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 2011, 210p., ISBN 978-0-7864-6154-7, Price: $ 45   ǀ  more

Marius Nicolae Grad   ǀ  Book Review of Laurel Miller, Jeffrey Martini, Stephen Larrabee, Angel Rabasa, Stephanie Pezard, Julie Taylor, Tewodaj Mengitsu, Democratization in the Arab World, Prospects and Lessons from Around the Globe, RAND National Defense Research Institute, 2012, 152 x 228 mm, 6 x 9 in, Pages 434, ISBN: 9780833072078, $ 42.22   ǀ  more

Flaviu Orăștean   ǀ  “Cluj-Napoca between 1939 and 1960. Diversity of Remembrances”   ǀ  more

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