Farhoud, No 4, Issue 2

(2016), No 4, Issue 2


The Druze in Israel: A Question of Identity



Pages: 33-40


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The Druze religion, which developed in the Middle East early 11th century, is a relatively new one. The origin of the word “Druze” is “Almwahidun” which refers to Monotheists who believe in the uniqueness and centrality of God. The name Druze was conferred to those believers after the missionary Nashtkin Al-Daraze’ who spread the principles of the Druze religion in the South of Lebanon, and who attempted to displace the head of the missionary system, Hamzah ibn Ali, assassinated in 1019. (Salach 1981: 65)


Druze; Middle East; Israel; identity – ethnic

Citing Literature

Jihan Farhoud, The Druze in Israel: A Question of Identity, Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, (2016), No 4, Issue 2: 33-40.




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