Shiblee Rashid

(2021) No 9, Issue 1

Geopolitics of the Arctic: Through the Lens of State Securitization


Mohammed Abdullah SHIBLEE
Md Mufassir RASHID

pages: 52-62




Owing to its vast deposits of mineral resources and its potential as a new sea-route that would connect the East with the Far East, the Arctic region had often been the subject of immense interest and speculations for the past four to five decades. However, as time went by, the “Scramble for Arctic” had only intensified the geopolitical dynamics between Arctic Five countries, who are vying to establish a strong foothold in the region either by peaceful or strategic means. USA and Russia are the two prominent players in the area; not to mention Canada and the newly entrant China. Using the theory of state centrism, we analyse the propensity for a resource war in Arctic from a geopolitical standpoint.


the Arctic, Geopolitics, Cold War, Political Ecology, Environmental Degradation


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