Farhoud, No 5, Issue 2

(2017), No 5, Issue 2


The Druze in the United States


Pages: 5-8


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The first immigrants arrived in the United States with the aim of becoming rich. In 1907, a group of Druze immigrants to the United States set up the first brotherhood organization under the name “Al-Bachorat al-Durzia”. They intended to preserve their religion, culture and Druze identity. In 1947, the younger generation of the Druze immigrants took over the leadership and expanded the operations of the organization. Second- and third-generation Druze Americans are often assimilated into American youth culture.


Druze immigration, the United States, American Druze Foundation


Citing Literature

Jihan Farhoud, The Druze in the United States Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, (2017), No 5, Issue 2: 5-8.




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