(2021), No 9, Issue 2

External Intervention and the Arab Spring: Implications for the region

Soumyadeep BIDYANTA

Pages 45-65


This paper looks at the effect of external intervention in the Arab Spring. The paper goes over the history of external intervention in the region of the Middle East. It then goes on to give a brief overview of the events of the Arab Spring in every country involved. It then looks at case studies involving 6 countries, three in which substantial intervention took place, and another three in which substantial intervention did not take place. It draws certain conclusions, namely that external intervention often worsened the intensity of the conflict, and that while intervention on one side proved decisive, intervention on both sides only dragged on the conflict instead of providing a quick resolution. Next, it predicts why intervention would be a continuing feature of Middle Eastern geopolitics through the prism of Game Theory. Finally, the paper seeks to provide a possible resolution for the problem through an international agreement.


Middle East, Arab Spring, External Intervention, Geopolitics, Game Theory



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