Sussan, Marine, No 6, Issue 1

(2018), No 6, Issue 1


Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Transitions: Through the Lenses of Local and Global Politics


Fiona SUSSAN and Cristina MARINE

Pages: 5-16


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The global competition challenge has become a call to action for both the private and the public sector to find innovative ways to foster entrepreneurship. In this context, the concept of entrepreneurial ecosystem (EE) has become a metaphor used to foster entrepreneurship as an economic development strategy. A functioning EE will be fueled by the synergy created by leadership, governance, and institutions aimed at mobilizing capital labor and resources. Emerging and functioning entrepreneurial ecosystems alike are the result of a rather lengthy process, not necessarily structured, in which entrepreneurs take the risks of launching their ideas and make sustained efforts to disrupt the long-standing accepted norms. They are the disrupters. The 21st century confirms Schumpeter’s prescient assessment that
entrepreneurs are the key agents of creative destruction and provides examples showing that EEs are characterized by continued transformation and are informed by and have a direct effect on the places where they emerge. We acknowledge the substantive contribution to the still evolving understanding of entrepreneurial ecosystem development in Isenberg’s (2010, 2014) work; O’Connor et al. (2018) in their research of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Foundations of Place-based Renewal; and input on policy development from
OECD and the European Commission.


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Fiona Sussan and Cristina Marine, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Transitions: Through the Lenses of Local and Global Politics, Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, (2018), No 6, Issue 1: 5-16.




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