Ganea, No 7, Issue 1

(2019), No 7, Issue 1


Euroscepticism. Contemporary trends and manifestations


Emilia Adriana GANEA

Pages: 31-40


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The European Union is one of the most important global players to be found at the present time. What initially seemed to be a purely economic organization, transformed over time and became a political entity of particular importance. Over time the union has faced many problems, but every crisis has made the EU stronger and more integrated. The article aims to build a comprehensive image of the Eurosceptic phenomenon and its manifestations in contemporary society. The objectives of the research consist in the more comprehensive conceptualization of the term by collecting a large number of definitions. We are also proposing to pursue how its historical evolution at key times of European integration, in various regions of Europe. Euroscepticism is a central theme in European studies, the subject being of interest by nature, which uncontrolled can lead to negative effects on the EU. The Research methodology used is based both on the analysis of texts and literature and on the analysis of empirical data obtained from various studies.


Euroscepticism, Euro-European Union, Europe, political parties, evolution, manifestations.


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Emilia Adriana Ganea, Euroscepticism. Contemporary trends and manifestations, Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, (2019), No 7, Issue 1: 31-40.




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