Popa, No 3, Issue 1

(2015), No 3, Issue 1


Norway’s Public and Cultural Diplomacy


Stefana Teodora POPA

Pages: 35-49


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The Scandinavian strategy is to focus on a limited number of international relationships. This doesn’t mean that Norway is an isolated country. Norway is one of the strongest international actors when it comes to promoting peace. The 74 agreements with the EU, led to a third modi€cation in Norwegian law. A Nordic Council was created in order to solve questions related to cooperation among the Nordic countries in all fi€elds. Furthermore, the Scandinavian country is seen as a country without a particular profi€le, strengths or weaknesses and that few people think about or are linked to. Norway can be seen as a model in matters of public and cultural diplomacy.


Norway, public diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, NORAD, peacekeeping


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Ștefana Teodora Popa, Norway’s Public and Cultural Diplomacy, Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, (2015), No 3, Issue 1: 35-49.




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