(2021), No 9, Issue 2

Why Vietnam is being emphasized as the main subject of the acceleration of vaccine diplomacy from leader countries


Anh Tuan TRAN | Thu Ha NGUYEN | Thi Phi Yen NGUYEN

Pages 20-44


The Covid-19 outbreak has poses a global health crisis to the world regarding the global economy, trade relations, and polarization of globalization. This pandemic also demonstrates the high rate of the vulnerability of the international community. From this moment, leadership and crisis management are being challenged towards world leaders and heads of state. Several countries are symbols for the Covid-19 pandemic contamination. On the contrary, some are put under big question mark for their leader capability due to failed policies. The US, one of the great economies and market leaders, was struggling difficultly to handle the pandemic. Although the time was hard, the vaccine development race had been launched since the first outbreak. Vaccine diplomacy shall be based on sharing and sympathy. This step means that vaccine, drug, and medical equipment will be equally distributed to less developed and developing countries in need, which do not have the technologies and capability to produce their own vaccine. Eventually, vaccine diplomacy is also used as a sub-element of public diplomacy of soft power which is to gain more influence in a specific targeted region and to enhance national branding. Vietnam is being one of the countries receiving the largest batches of vaccine from the United States (the US), European countries, Japan, and China. Why the two countries in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue group are donating tremendously to Vietnam? How will Vietnam diplomatically tackle this “Sinophobia” while China pledges to support the country in the future right after the visit of the US’s vice president Kamala Harris and during the visit of Japanese Minister of Defense Kishi Nobuo? This article will dig deeper into the implication hidden behind the tremendous generosities from leader economies.


Vietnam, Covid-19, Vaccine diplomacy, global health, politicization



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