No 4 – Issue 1

  • Microfinance: an important tool to reach European Cohesion
policy’s objectives
  • Refugee crisis reflected in Romanian online media in the second half of 2015: three perspectives
  • Transition, Europenization and Identity in the Ukraine Case
  • Sandu Frunză, Fundamentalismul religios și noul conflict al ideologiilor, 
[Religious Fundamentalism and the New Conflict of Ideologies]


No 4 – Issue 2

  • Migration of foreign students in Romania. The case of Cluj-Napoca
  • Politics and History in Emanuel Ringelblum’s War Diaries. Emanuel Ringelblum between the Two World Wars
  • The Druze in Israel: A Question of Identity
  • Romanian foreign policy options in the first years after the fall of communism