Aims and Scope

Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy (JGPCD) is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal that will consider any original scientific article without being predisposed nor fostering any particular methodology.

The Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy aims to publish high contributions across the wide-range topics of International Relations from theoretical debates to historical and cultural analyses of scholars and practitioners in the IR community. The Journal provides a platform to develop and promote research and practices in current diplomacy and its interconnection with International Relations, European Studies, Socio-Anthropology, History, and Cultural Studies.

The Journal keeps with its European roots and assumes its commitment to producing a European journal with a global impact, encouraging broad awareness and innovation in this interdisciplinary field. In this respect, authors outside of the European area are welcome to submit their works in order to promote different theoretical methods approaching particular topics in International Relations.

The Journal intends to establish an effective channel of communication between policymakers, diplomats, experts, government agencies, academic and research institutions and persons concerned with the complexity of international relations, especially global politics and various forms of diplomacy.


This Journal strongly recommends our authors and peer-reviewers to read the following guidelines:


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