Mustapha No 7 Issue 2

 (2019) No 7, Issue 2



Nigeria, the African Union and Regional Integration (1963 – 2019)


Ayodele Haruna MUSTAPHA

Pages: 29-44



The study adopted qualitative historical and descriptive methods. The historical dimension considers the antecedents of the Nigeria’s Foreign Policy with respect to Africa as centre piece of its external relations since her independence till the current period. The descriptive and analytical aspects of the methodology focus on the analysis of Nigeria foreign policy objectives based on the empirical validation, while the description approach deals on the impacts/ role of Nigeria on the continental integration of Africa and finally, the admissions of Nigeria into African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA), its challenges and prospect for economic and political integration. Key informants’ interview was conducted with diplomats, academics and scholars through structured questions and Focus Group Association (FGA) as primary and secondary source entails data collected from textbooks, internet, materials, journal paper etc. The study adopted role theory to x-rays, midwife and validate the nexus between the roles of Nigeria towards the African Union and regional integration for economic and political realization.



Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, National interest, National interest, Regionalism, Role conception



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Ayodele Haruna Mustapha, Nigeria, the African Union and Regional Integration (1963 – 2019), Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, (2019), No 2, Issue 1: 29-44.




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