Pallukacs, No 3, Issue 1

(2015), No 3, Issue 1


Feminism in International Relations. Case study: Indira Gandhi and Margaret Th€atcher



Pages: 13-21


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The present article takes on the subject of feminism in international relations. The objective of this article is to nuance, if not to combat the harsh feminist point of view by focusing on two key fi€gures in the history of global politics, two female politicians who shaped the world they lived in. Through the case study, the aim is to prove that, although falling under the category of the female gender, a politician’s primary focus should be the people they are leading.


feminism, Gandhi, Thatcher, international relations, gender


Citing Literature

Pallukács Hajnal, Feminism in International Relations. Case study: Indira Gandhi and Margaret Th€atcher, Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, (2015), No 3, Issue 1: 13-21.




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