Alexandrescu, No 6, Issue 2

(2018), No 6, Issue 2


Organisational Culture and Leadership of the European Union



Pages: 4-22


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My paper aims to observe to what extent the leadership of Jean-Claude Juncker matches the organizational culture of the European Union (EU). In this sense, I consider answering a few questions: what kind of organizational culture is the European Union?; What kind of leadership does Juncker practice?; Juncker’s leadership is right for the EU organisational culture? Starting from the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, I consider that the cultural diversity of the states that make up the European Union determines, on certain dimensions, the difficulty of defining an appropriate leadership model as the integration project to remain effective. I believe that Juncker has understood which elements can harmonize the differences between national cultures within the EU and he has tried to impose adequate leadership in this direction. Methodologically, I took over the Hofstede model and I compared Juncker’s leadership model with the national culture patterns identified for the EU Member States. In this respect, I have analysed Juncker’s speech on the State of the European Union, and
I paid my attention to the main elements of his discourse.


European Union, leadership, organisational culture, Jean Claude Juncker


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Mihai Alexandrescu, Organisational Culture and Leadership of the European Union, Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, (2018), No 6, Issue 2: 4-22.




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