Ceban, No 3, Issue 1

(2015), No 3, Issue 1


Democratic awakening in Macedonia: Expecting the unexpected



Pages: 23-33


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On the weekend of 9-10 of May 2015, a firefight with grenades and snipers took place in Kumanovo, the third biggest city in Macedonia. However, it was just the tip of the iceberg – for seven months Macedonia witnessed the most massive popular movement in its history. People of all ethnicities protested the oppressing tax law, the stagnating educational law, the outrageous conduct of the Ministry of Health, the unbelievable recordings revealing government schemes of corruption, election fraud, political murder and nepotism. Claiming that the con€flict in Kumanovo was staged by the authorities to distract public attention from the above-mentioned problems, people organized into a movement and established a camp in front of the government, determined to leave only when the government resigns. While voices echo the resemblance with the 2001 confl€ict, a thorough analysis of internal factors indicates that the commotion is revolving around mass dissatisfaction with the government in power.


Macedonia, protest, corruption, confl€ict, political crisis


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Elena Ceban, Democratic awakening in Macedonia: Expecting the unexpected, Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, (2015), No 3, Issue 1: 23-33.




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