Serban No 2, Issue 2

(2014), No 2, Issue 2


EU Council – the arena of intergovernmental debates



Pages: 41- 69


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The uniqueness and the complexity of the Council of the European Union present an incredible force of attraction for researchers dedicated to deciphering the European Union’s mysteries. This study aims to analyse the intergovernmental negotiations in the EU and to identify their main characteristics while answering questions about the manner in which negotiations are held and decisions are made in the Council of the European Union. Also, this paper deals with issues such as patterns of interaction between states and types of
strategies adopted in negotiations, coalition formation and the reasoning behind them.


decision-making, levels of negotiation, negotiation patterns, the Council of the European Union, the Treaty of Lisbon


Citing Literature

Adina Șerban, EU Council – the arena of intergovernmental debates, Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, (2013), No 1, Issue 1: 41-69.



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