Marine, No 6, Issue 1

(2018), No 6, Issue 1


Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in EU Markets: The Case of Romania


Cristina MARINE

Pages: 17-41


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Entrepreneurial ecosystem (EE) research has been mainly focused on regional country performance and seems to have missed the historical and contextual background of each region (O’Connor, Stam, Sussan, and Audretsch, 2017). To fill this gap of knowledge, I include topical information on Romania’s eight macro-administrative regions to identify their longitudinal roads towards regional entrepreneurial ecosystems. I also analyze data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), the Entrepreneurship Barometer by Ernst & Young, the European Commission (EC) reports, and scholarly work. This investigation traces relevant historical events in Romania with a view to adding context to a broader understanding of the entrepreneurial agents’ spirit and of the institutions that enable or hinder entrepreneurship development. The paper analyzes regional data of entrepreneurial activities, regulations, financing, coordinated support, and culture. Research results have managerial implications, highlighting opportunities and challenges entrepreneurs face in Romania and informing policy makers at local, regional, and national level.


Administrative Regions, EU, European Commission, Entrepreneurship Barometer, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)


Citing Literature

Cristina Marine, Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in EU Markets: The Case of Romania, Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, (2018), No 6, Issue 1: 17-41.




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